About us

A little video created by one of our youth last summer


Welcome to Camp Tamaracouta – the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in the world.  We are located 60 km north of Montreal, nestled into the lower Laurentian Mountain range, within a half hour drive to Lachute, St. Jerome, St. Sauveur.  Our 1000-acres include mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and a variety of ecological sensitive areas ready to explore.

We are open year-round for your outdoor education and leadership needs.  Tamaracouta has many unique special interest locations including the longest covered picnic table in Canada, and a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities that promote the natural interaction with our pristine environment.

Encouraging youth empowerment and youth leadership, we work with Scouts and like-minded youth organizations to promote healthy lifestyles.  With a focus on leave-no-trace camping, basic survival skill training, leadership and certification trainings, or simply a “no-Technology zone”, the opportunities to step outside their personal comfort zone and to take healthy risks allows the youth to learn and grow in a natural environment.

Open year-round – with seasonal and winterized buildings, camp sites and Adirondack shelters, we are able to host up to 7,000 people a day. Winterized facilities include the “Longhouse” (conference room), 8 cabins, 6 cabooses, the Lodge, Factor’s, Rover Tamarack, and “First Aid Station”.  Indoor facilities can accommodate over 170 people during the winter season.  Seasonal facilities, including Canary Cottage, Tamarack 1 & 2, the “Longshed” increases our indoor capacity to 280 during the spring, summer and fall.

Campsites and Adirondacks are available year-round .  TSR has hosted a variety of Jamborees in the past, and has capacity for up to 7,000 daily participants.

For more information on Summer Programs, School Programs and program options for like-minded organizations please contact us directly.

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