Mad Scientist STEM
Play a part in extensive experiments to acquire new skills and knowledge in a multitude of scientific domains. Scouts taking part in this program will develop an eye for how different sciences makes the world spin and why. Mad experiments will be used to intuitively explore the engineering and the construction of household & camping contraptions plus explore the biological world around camp to discover how organic mechanisms are implemented in modern technology. Sheer madness!

The Natural World STEM
Dive into TSR’s new ecology driven STEM program with your bug net and magnifying glass in hand! Explore the living world surrounding camp through the study of biology, ecology, geology, and meteorology. You will have the chance to observe nature by experimenting and creating your own Biodome to simulate nature. There is plenty to be learned from the natural world so prepared to make discoveries under the microscopes exploring plant cells to enlightening findings of how a giant rock orbiting Earth affects more than just the tides.

Engineering the Future STEM
Step up with Engineering The Future, TSR’s intensive designing and building portion of its new STEM program. You will be designing and constructing an assortment of useful object using both organic and refined materials. Get ready to explore electrical circuits and the mechanics behind how things work with the problem-solving projects and technics of engineering as it is applied to real life.