Summer Camp

Summer Camp programs

Open for REGISTRATION for individuals or groups

Scouting, including our summer camp, is open to all people regardless of financial means. Funding is available through our No One Left Behind fund for those that require aid. checkout our site at;, or give us a call today.


Age 5-7: Sunday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Saturday.
8-17: Sunday to Saturday or multiple weeks.
LIT, CIT: 1 week, 2 week and 6+ weeks SOLE programs.

Week 1, July 1-7
Week 2, July 8-14
Week 3, July 15-21
Week 4, July 22-28
Week 5, July 29 - Aug 4
Week 6, Aug 5 - Aug 11
Week 7, Aug 12 - Aug 18

Every week at summer camp your group will have a SCOUTS Facilitator to help you and your group choose a unique adventure involving many different OAS (Outdoor Adventure Skills).  They will walk you through the PLAN - DO - REVIEW, and facilitate your custom made program.

Tamaracouta Scout reserve programs

Scouting makes a difference in the lives of children, youth, and young adults. By participating in youth-led opportunities at summer camp, you will determine what areas you would like to grow in as you achieve new “firsts” and develop into global citizens. With a versatile array of program areas to focus on, TSR welcomes youth with diverse interests and goals. Our ACQ certified camp program staff are trained to guide you throughout your stay at TSR letting you decide and discover not only what program is best for you but also allowing your input into what you would like to do. Our OAS, STEM, and Core camp programs let you choose your path.

The Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) program is an invitation for you to try something new—to spend more time outdoors, testing yourself with progressive challenges while remaining within your capabilities to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences that are progressive and fun.

Each OAS pathway is divided into nine stages with a badge awarded for each stage; however, the purpose of the OAS program is not the badge. Rather, you should see the Outdoor Adventure Skills as tools to support the Scouting Plan-Do-Review process—for example, you can organize an activity that matches the skill level that you, the participant has, or you can  evaluate the amount of growth that you experienced in a particular skill set that you want to expand on.

As the world rapidly evolves at the speed of technological breakthroughs, TSR's new Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program offers an interesting way to delve into how the world functions while achieving OAS Objectives.  Scouting understands and embraces the fact that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths can make the world a better place.

At the core are the beloved programs that our campers can never get enough of! This Traditional programming will complement our OAS and Stem programs making your overall experience at camp fun and fulfilling.

Whether you choose an OAS or the Stem path there will be plenty of opportunities to discover adventures in any of the programs and you will get to participate in our regular day-to day-camp programs as well.