These are the beloved programs that our campers can never get enough of!


Take a shot at our Archery and Riflery programs. They have been a part of TSR’s programs for a very long time and aren’t going anywhere for a while. These programs are key components in our adventures that are run on several times a week. Youth learn about all of the parts of the bows, arrows and guns while putting their knowledge to the test by trying to get that bullseye!


Wonder what nature tastes like? Take a bite of our Outdoor cooking program. It crosses over several OAS skill adventures and has been adapted to show even more methods of cooking such as Dutch oven cooking and key hold fires. You will perfect  preparing the best cooking fire for your needs. By observing the environment you will be able to taste certain elements as well as learn what and what not to eat. All ages are welcome to experience cooking in the great outdoors!


Grow your knowledge and experience by digging your way into our Sustainability program. This is our campers all time favorite! You will explore how to self-sustain yourselves in many ways. Discover the importance of preserving our endangered wildlife, insects, and plants with activities ranging from learning hands on about bees, observing the life cycle of a chicken, participating in growing and tasting the different plants in our wonderful garden.


Explore TSR’s vast ecological diversity. Ecology is a program that has been apart of our programs for years! Come discover what’s in our camp ecology building!? We have all the informative material you need to discover new things on one of our many hiking trails for a truly hands-on experience. From brook to the mountain top, there’s wildlife and so many plants everywhere to identify. Join in and see the breeding pools of fish and insects. Sit very still to see local snakes bask in the summer sun. Get in touch with nature the TSR way.