Volunteers are the backbone of our camp.

Tamaracouta is a camp which is administered and run by volunteers. Our camp has a steering committee of volunteers who make top-level decisions that they transmit to a service team of volunteers that keep the camp running. In order to fulfill day-to-day operations, we employ on-site staff year-round for administration and maintenance. Scouts Canada maintains Accounting, Contracts, Human Resources, and other administrative tasks. During the summer program, we employee a qualified Factor to oversee all summer staff and programs.

Volunteers are the backbone of this camp and it simply would not run without the hard work of our volunteer base which consists of skilled tradespeople as well as youth who chip in to keep our camp beautiful and usable. This page is devoted to these volunteers and will allow you and/or your youth to match your skill levels to a project.

Traditionally, in Scouting we leave no trace and always strive to leave our tracks in better shape then when we arrived. Many camping groups are looking for a service project to “give back” and this page was developed with that in mind. Whether your team wants to spend a couple of hours cleaning a trail or spend a day during a work weekend, we have job list for you to choose. We will provide any materials required for your project but offer no discount on camping or facilities. You will provide the brawn and stamina to get your project done.

Job Calendar

Job List